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Nice game!

great game! :D

I suck at this game


Good game.

Thanks :)

You're welcome!

Great game :)

Very cool, reminds me of that game that my Dad used to play in Namco...I forgot the name,,,

Thanks! That game would be Pole Position!

you got me addicted to this game. well made.

The web version isn't working for me. I tried Firefox and Chrome but can't get past the start screen. I tried Z, X, Space and Enter. I clicked around the screen several times. No progress. =(

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OK, I just noticed you need to click on the mute button on lower right corner of the game area and then the game has focus. Clicking on the game used to catch the focus but for some reason doesn't do it anymore.

EDIT: Also the black area around the game seems to work.

Looks very cool - tough! =)

Thank you. :) I am working on a "remix" version that is a bit easier (and has some extra content!)

(-4) comment sorry

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Please specify what counts as a fire button, because space doesn't work, Enter doesn't work, an actual game controller doesn't work... :)

(P.S. Firefox 38 on Linux here.)


Pico-8 uses Z and X as buttons, will update that info on the page. Thanks for reminding. :)

Tee-hee! Works now. What a blast from the past. And I mean that in both good and bad ways. All those 90 degree turns are just too steep and too many for a racing game. At least up to the first checkpoint it's pretty forgiving.