Klystrack playback library updated

Here's the latest build of the Windows playback library (libksnd) you can use in your own projects to play klystrack tunes. A wrapper for Game Maker will be posted shortly.

Please read the wiki entry for how to use the library (spoiler: it's not hard).


Playback library (Windows 32-bit) 833 kB
Jan 01, 2018

Get klystrack


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Could you maintain Clickteam Fusion Klystrack extension in future (it is compatible for now)? https://github.com/SortaCore/MMF2Exts/tree/master/DarkEDIF/Klystrack

All you'll have to do is to recompile against static release lib, non-SDL one.

Not sure, I have zero experience with the platform. I wonder if it could be possible to use a dynamically linked libksnd so that it can just be swapped? That's how the wrapper works for Game Maker. It of course requires a working 64-bit DLL as well.

Well, you should try IMO. The developer I've commissioned it from had some reservation about using DLL version, but I think it was just some sort of preconception. I can act as a tester as I have CF.