klystrack 1.7.4

  • BUGFIX: FX view caused a crash when clicking the reverb tap panning dial
  • BUGFIX: (Windows) Theme loading failed if the theme (binary) path contained other than ASCII characters
  • BUGFIX: Fixed crash after clicking instrument program when focus was in instrument name
  • ENHANCEMENT: The KLYSTRACK environment variable can be used to set the resource path (where res/ and key/ are) on all platforms
  • ENHANCEMENT: If theme files are not found a native message box with an understandable message is shown
  • ENHANCEMENT: Recently opened files list in File menu
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added new example song (Starport2.kt)


Klystrack 1.7.4 Installer (Windows 32/64-bit) 1 MB
Sep 20, 2018
Klystrack 1.7.4 (Windows 32/64-bit) 1 MB
Sep 20, 2018

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