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klystrack 1.7.6
ENHANCEMENT: Added new example song (StarChip.kt) ENHANCEMENT: Added transpose by octave shortcut BUGFIX: Fixed selection range for transpose BUGFIX: Fixed chan...
2 files
klystrack executable song boilerplate
I just updated the boilerplate for creating tiny, self-contained executables that play a klystrack song when run. While this serves little purpose outside of cu...
klystrack for OSX updated
FYI, TBD updated his OSX port of klystrack. You can download it at . Thanks, TBD!...
klystrack 1.7.5
FIX: There was no audio on some Windows systems with uncommon audio format. Changed the default SDL audio driver to directsound until format conversion routines...
2 files
klystrack 1.7.4
BUGFIX : FX view caused a crash when clicking the reverb tap panning dial BUGFIX : (Windows) Theme loading failed if the theme (binary) path contained other tha...
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klystrack Discord server
Thanks to Dariusz "Darkhog" G. Jagielski for creating a Discord server for discussing klystrack and sharing tunes. Check it out with this invite link ! This sho...
Klystrack playback library updated
Here's the latest build of the Windows playback library (libksnd) you can use in your own projects to play klystrack tunes. A wrapper for Game Maker will be pos...
1 file
Tutorial #3: FM synthesis
FM synthesis is something that seems to be quite confusing for a lot of users. In reality it is quite simple if you know what you are doing and what the synth i...
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Ask about anything! You are also free to post links to your tunes.

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  • tune - when you are posting a klystrack tune you made (or found)
  • question - when you are asking how to do something in klystrack
  • project - when you are telling about something you made (and used klystrack to make audio)
  • random - when you don't have any specific topic or maybe are talking about chiptunes in general