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So, you think your game needs some retro sounds and you're lost? Well, that's what klystrack is perfect for. Basically, it is a synthesizer that mimics 80s-90s sound chips (SID, AdLib etc.) but also tries to be at least somewhat convenient to use (and nice to look at)! It's limited but only just enough to help you to create nostalgic sounds.

Where to start? Well, for starters check out these links to find out what klystrack is capable of:

  • Gravitus Minus - everything you will hear is generated by the klystrack audio engine in real time (in fact, klystrack was actually created for this game)
  • n00bstar's Bandcamp - excellent tunes, 100 % klystrack. n00bstar has a very distinct sound using a lot of klystrack features (and he probably was the first to come up with good use cases for them). n00bstar also created all audio for Gravitus Minus (music and effects).
  • Huenison - the game that actually beat Gravitus Minus as the first game with a klystrack soundtrack... and good one, too.

There is a lot of good music made with the software and if it's not on the above list doesn't mean I don't think it's good! Please do keep sending me tunes.

Now that I have proven that the software is capable of outputting lovely sounds you must be thinking how to roll your own sounds. Well, this is the hard part. Luckily, it's also the fun part. In the near future, I will post simple tutorials (and links to more complex tutorials) that should get you started. Don't worry if you are not musically-minded, it's still very interesting to learn how to create sounds and find out what happens inside a synth or sound chip.

I will also post simple examples on how to export the sound and use the, in your games, using your sound system of choice or the klystrack audio engine itself.

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